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Health Plans

Health coverage has been a delicate issue for most American’s in the past few years.  We made a somewhat controversial decision in the latter part of 2010 to break away from the County Insurance Program in order to provide better coverage at a lower cost for our employees.  As with all decisions, this one comes with its own set of critics.  The County policy contained high deductibles and out of pocket limits which caused a burden for many employees.  We sent the policy out for bid and found not only comparable coverage but increased coverage with much lower deductibles and out of pocket limits.

Customer Service

“Customer Service is paramount as that is all we have to give our Citizens.”  I have emphasized this from day 1, we are a Customer service oriented organization and the Citizens of Osceola County are our Customer.

Upon taking office, I found many Citizens had to bend to one knee in order to talk through the small face hole allowed at the teller windows.  While I understand security is important, these Citizens are screened upon entering the Courthouse and we immediately removed the glass to allow ease of communication.  We created a seating area/waiting room and installed a queuing system so that the Public no longer had to wait in line or sit in the hallway.

We began a relationship with AMSCOT to allow alternative payment locations.  We installed hand sanitizer stations & ATM Machines for convenience.

Courthouse Brochures

We updated our brochures and printed them in both English & Spanish to help our customers navigate the Courthouse.  Our entire Focus became Customer Service and the Pride in the employees began to show.

Human Resources Department

In January 2008 as I began my Career as Clerk of Court, I was astonished by a number of issues which I felt would have been standard in a working Courthouse; *) The fact that the employees did not even have Direct Deposit for their paychecks; *)The complete lack of employee files; Employees were not given evaluations, training, reprimands or commendations, there were simply no employee files.  This directly correlated to a severe lack of training, hierarchy and organization.

We immediately implemented Direct Deposit for the Employees, Sent over 1300 boxes of files that littered the halls to a storage facility off-site, Implemented weekly Team meetings (there had not been a staff meeting in over 12 years) and began functioning as a Team.

We instituted Town hall meetings as well as an Open-Door Policy for my office to ensure communication.  Included monthly training and annual evaluations to ensure that employees were treated fairly and promotions were given as a result of performance.  We implemented Manager of the Month program as well as bringing back Employee of the Month.

We created organizational charts, revised the employee handbook and enforced the employee dress code, job descriptions for each position were created and cross-training was made a priority.  We also encouraged involvement in Great Strides for Cystic Fibrosis and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. We generated a Clerk’s database for ease in accessing employee information.  We promoted 16 employees in 2009 alone.

Computer Software

Computer upgrades and software systems upgrades were always of great concern.  Streamlining the workload and integrating features to help our customers are paramount to our success.  We have already added Court view and introduced Auto Docketing upgrades to our software systems to help Judges and court clerks streamline their workload.

We have also made popular forms available from the website and in the Public information room


EServices already include; E-Filing and E-Recording as well as On-Line Tax Deeds and Foreclosures.  We are now looking at a New Web-Site Design as well as implementing more on-line options to our departments.